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We are such slackers!!!! It’s hard to balance being a mom, a dog owner, a wife, a housekeeper, a cook, a taxi, and a business owner. BTW none of those are in any type of sequence. :) I love them all, some roles more than others and some days are just way better than the day before . But, in the end it’s what makes me, me! I don’t even think my neighbors would recognize me without my van, they don’t even know what I look like from the waste down ( that’s probably a good thing). :)

In our attempt to be better at blogging, tweeting, and facebooking we decided to make it easier on us. Write about things that we have experienced, find things that we love (food haha), talk about things we wish we woulda known. Oh man! had I known that my skin isn’t like my mothers and that I actually could have stretch marks during my first pregnancy (thanks to my sis) I would have slathered my skin in a bath of shea butter EVERY day. I probably wouldn’t have even grabbed that extra piece of chocolate cake, okay….let’s be honest, it’s a big fat PROBABLY.

Because we are still figuring out our balancing act (and because we are slackers) we can’t promise what time we will post but this I do know, we will post on our blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Recently I was visiting one of my friends and was telling her how I can’t focus, that my mind jumps, and that my conversations can go from one thing to another without a pause, and that I really can’t sit in one place too long, I told her I thought I had adult ADD. She told me she does have ADD and that based upon what I was saying to her although I was half joking that she was pretty sure I had it too. Needless to say that really peaked my interest and since I was going to visit my doctor for a check up I decided to tell him about my conversation with my friend.

While discussing my self diagnosis to the doctor he handed me a piece of paper for me to fill out. I answered it as honestly as I could. The Results (based upon the test) is that yes I do have ADD and it is very high!!!! Although I had joked about my self diagnosis for many years I don’t think I really thought I had it. I came home and called my husband and my friend, both were like….And you had to go see a doctor about this….we could’ve told you that without the copay. haha very funny! My point. This blog has to be about a little of everything some fun, some food, some facts, and probably to some just plain dumb.

I know for my first post back this is getting a lengthy. But, I want to tell you what I wanted to blog about before my mind wandered…..Cravings! You know those days when you open the fridge a million times and the cupboard a thousand times to find something that isn’t there???? Please tell me someone else does this too???? So today being a MOnday, which is a serious day for me. For 1. I usually eat like a pig on Sundays so if I don’t control what I eat Monday, I’m in big freaking trouble. Cause let’s face it to start a diet or to tell yourself your going to eat better on Tuesday just doesn’t work!!! I don’t care how many times I have tried to trick myself Monday is always a better diet day. :) The same works for me when it comes to working out. I have been sick since I got back from the ABC show which was in Kentucky last week. I got back on Thursday. Yes, I have been sick since Thursday. Today I woke up coughing up half my lungs, felt like my body belonged to another, and was sooo tired ( I’m sure it has nothing to my all night movie fest with netflix last night) ANYWAY, so I texted my cross fit coach to let her know that I am sooooo sick still. BUT, the guilt settled in. Guilt it gets me every time, unless it’s chocolate, I have taught myself to suffer through it! ha So, needless to say I worked out sick and EVERYTHING!!! I’m so dedicated, not! I can’t lie though I feel great, don’t look great, but feel great, it’s half the battle!

Okay, so back to the cravings thing!!! We all have them supressed or not they are there waiting for the perfect moment when your guard is down to attack you. Cravings=EVIL. So, I decided to look up some low fat calorie treats. Something that has to be fast because cravings are so bossy, they want to be fulfilled immediately! I found these yummy fast and satisfying S’mores. They make you want to eat s’more, haha. I had to, the joke was dying to come out! Anyway, they are the perfect treat. Crunchy, soft, and sweet, the ultimate craving filler. Here’s the link,

Give them a try and let me know what you think. If you made it this far in the post CONGRATULATIONS! I will send you a discount code for 25% off of Cozy Belly so make sure you respond with your email.

Thanks for reading my ADD ranting!


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