About Us

About Us:

Hi and thank you for stopping by Cozy Belly! My name is Irene Summers, and together with my sister Marion we have created the Cozy Belly Shapewear Line. Between the two of us we have been through eight pregnancies and were disappointed in the lack of options for pregnant women and new mothers. We resolved to create a Shapewear line that would prove to the world that Shapewear can be Cozy and Comfortable! Our shapewear line is meant to be worn every day. You can literally enjoy the benefits of our Cozy Shapewear Line because it is meant for you, the working mom, the shopping mom, the sports mom, the chef mom, the athletic mom.

It’s uniquely patented design allows it to grow with you and keeps your growing belly tucked in and comfortable. We spent several years working with pattern makers, seamstresses, and fabric manufacturers until we were certain that we had the product we had been waiting for. We are excited to announce our Cozy Belly line and Cozy Slim line and feel like these are items you will love as much as we do. If you are a mom you will love our Cozy Line because we designed them to move with you, breathe with you, slim you, cover you, and smooth you. You don’t have to pull, tug or try to keep your Cozy Shapewear from moving, sliding or riding. It will stay where you want it. Remember our Cozy line is for everyday support so you can breathe and be confident!

We hope that you will love your Cozy and know that whatever stage your body is in, pregnant, just had a baby, or your baby is 10, we are there for you. We would love to hear from you and want to provide shapewear that feels like it is just for you!

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